JPL Industries

Company Profile

JPL Industries Ltd. is one of the leading industry manufacturing high quality fabrics using a wide variety of yarn. The company manufactures fabric extending across all variants such as Polyester, Cotton, Polyester Viscose and other blends. Our products also cover readymade garments and casual wear.

Business Overview

Running its business in the suiting and shirting sector for more than 15 years, JPL Industriesis a nationwide actor with its vision, investment in production technologies, product designs and corporate values and ethics. The company provides an exclusive range of suiting and shirting fabrics with world class quality. The company markets its productsunder the brand name ‘JPL’.

Market We Cover

Domestic market: The Company has a very strong distribution network spread across India comprising of Agents / Dealers and Retailers throughout the Country. It also supplies finish and grey fabrics to big corporate and readymade houses. The Company is also in the process of appointing new Dealers and Agents in remaining areas to boost the sales.
We always welcome to the persons, parties, dealers and agents who wants to become our channel partner for our unrepresentative areas.
Export market: Our export market mainly includes countries like UAE, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, South America, Brazil and gulf countries.


JPL Industries Ltd. was originally incorporated as SulzemSyncotex Pvt. Ltd. on 5th May 2000. The company was taken over byMr. Raghunath Mittal and Mr. Lalit Babel in October, 2003. On 22nd September, 2005, the company was converted into a limited company under the name JPL Industries Limited.

Our Production Plant

Based in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, the company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with a weaving capacity of 200 lakh meters quality fabric per annum and our fabric range includes 100% Cotton, Poly-viscose, Poly-Cotton, Polyester, Lycra and stretch fabric etc.We supply grey fabrics of shirting with a wide rangeof designs and colors on make-to-order basis.
We have 64 Sulzer machines at present installed in our plant. The total production capacity of the same is 60 lakh meter per annum.
In addition to this, there are 63 Airjet machines at present with a production capacity of 54 lakh meters per annum.

Human Resources

The company lays a lot of emphasis on management of its human resources by imparting in-house and specialized training for our newly recruited and existing staff. The workforce is trained on correct use of the machinery, updating the knowledge with reference to technological advancement, safety, improving work efficiency, waste control, computer literacy and self-development.