JPL Industries

Director's Profile

Mr. Lalit Kumar Babel

As a director, Mr.Lalit Babel is responsible for all aspects of the finance department, focused on growth and sustainable development. Moreover, he is responsible for strategic decisions,managing yarn purchase and handling the processing department. Mr. Lalit Babel holds a bachelor degree in BE Mechanical from NIT Durgapur.He joined as a director in October, 2003 and currently holds about 25 years of rich experience in textile industry.

Mr. Sahil Babel

He joined as a director in January, 2016. Mr. Sahil Babel holds a bachelor degree in BE Mechanical and has expertise and deep understanding of all aspects of production spanning across weaving, along with substantial exposure to technical things. He aims at maintaining the production efficiency and improving the quality of our products.

Mr. Prashant Kumar Babel

Mr. Prashant Babel joined as a director in January 2016 and since then he has been looking after the marketing department. He holds a Master Degree in Commerce and has excellent understanding of all the marketing aspects. With about 15 years of experience, he aims at increasing the sales of the company every year along with client satisfaction.